Most popular beach in peru

the most popular beach in Peru is Máncora. It’s known for its beautiful coastline, warm weather, and attracts tourists seeking relaxation and water sports. However, please note that popularity can change over time, so it’s a good idea to check more recent sources for the latest information on popular beaches in Peru in 2023.

Máncora Beach is a popular destination located on the northern coast of Peru. It is known for its stunning sandy beaches, warm climate, and excellent surf conditions. The area offers a vibrant atmosphere with various beachfront accommodations, restaurants, and bars, making it a great spot for relaxation and water activities. Visitors can enjoy surfing, swimming, and exploring nearby attractions. However, as my knowledge is up to September 2021, I recommend checking more recent sources for any updates or changes regarding Máncora Beach.

What to do in Mancora

In Máncora, there are several enjoyable activities and attractions for visitors to experience. Some popular things to do in Máncora include:


Máncora is renowned for its excellent surf conditions, making it a perfect spot for surfers of all levels.

Beach Relaxation

Enjoy the sandy beaches and warm climate by lounging on the shores and soaking up the sun.

Water Sports

Apart from surfing, you can engage in other water activities like kiteboarding and paddleboarding.

Whale Watching

If you visit between July and October, you might have the chance to witness humpback whales passing through the area.

Visit Vichayito

Just a short drive from Máncora, Vichayito offers a more tranquil beach experience.

Try Peruvian Cuisine

Savor the local dishes and fresh seafood at the various restaurants and eateries along the beach.

Enjoy Nightlife

Máncora has a lively nightlife scene with beachfront bars and clubs, perfect for those looking to dance and socialize.

Visit Los Órganos

This nearby fishing village is worth a visit to see the interesting rock formations known as “El Ñuro” and for its marine biodiversity.

Remember that tourism offerings may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check local sources or travel guides for the latest activities and attractions available in Máncora.

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